Run Rabbit Run – need to know

Everything you need to know about Netflix's Run Rabbit Run in less than 60 seconds.

What’s this?

A fertility doctor who believes firmly in life and death can’t help but notice the strange behaviour of her young daughter and, as a result, must challenge her own values.

Who’s in it?

Sarah-Succession–Snook is in the lead role. Also stars Damon Herriman and Greta Scacchi.

Who directs?

Daina Reid (Shining Girls, The Handmaid’s Tale, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart) who praised Snook’s acting chops in a recent ScreenHub interview:

She has this innate understanding of scenes and the work, who her character is and the nuance of it.’

Run Rabbit Run and Late Night With the Devil: meet the directors

Who wrote it?

Australian author Hannah Kent.

Is there a trailer?

Do critics like it?

Hm, not hugely so far. Rotten Tomatoes has it on a critics rating of 37% (based on 49 reviews), with the consensus: ‘Run Rabbit Run boasts some powerhouse performances, but they’re largely overwhelmed by a thin plot and overreliance on stale horror tropes.’

Any trivia?

According to IMDB: Snook replaced Elisabeth Moss in the lead role. The latter was originally cast but had to pull out to due to scheduling conflicts so Snook was cast instead.

Do say

Did you see that Sarah Snook will be playing 26 different characters in the upcoming London production of the Sydney Theatre Company’s acclaimed one-woman adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray?

Don’t say?

Does this mean Shiv and Tom have split up for reals?

Where and when can I watch it?

Run Rabbit Run premieres on Netflix on 28 June.

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