Binge: best streaming shows of 2023

From Succession Season 4 to Our Flag Means Death Season 2 – here are the top shows on Binge in 2024 according to ScreenHub writers.

Here are the top six shows to stream on Binge in 2023, as reviewed by ScreenHub authors.

Succession S4 – 4.5 star review

>Succession. Image: HBO.

‘Much like Veep, and before that UK political sitcom The Thick of It (both of which Succession creator Jesse Armstrong worked on), Succession excels when it comes to razor-sharp one-liners spat out by unpleasant people. Where Succession moves beyond those series – which were both still sitcoms at the core of their dark hearts – is in displaying the human side of those venal characters.’

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Our Flag Means Death S2 – 5 star review

>Our Flag Means Death. Image: Binge.

‘Unlike Season 1, Our Flag Means Death gets straight into the meat of things, flowing at a much faster pace. It’s snappily written, and keeps the laughs and feels coming without sacrificing important and nuanced moments of character development. The episodes are incredibly addictive from the get-go, making for a perfect weekend binge.’

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Love Me S2 – 4 star review

>Love Me. Image: Binge.

‘The first season was about finding love; this is more about finding ways to keep it going when other factors intrude. Having a child is seen by many as the ultimate expression of love; what happens when the child arrives but the love is gone, or a relationship is building towards something that may never happen? Love Me remains a thoughtful, often delightful look at the paths love takes, the way life goes when we embrace the chance to be bound to another.’

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The Back Side of Television S2 – 4.5 star review

>The Back Side of Television. Image: Binge.

‘Quick-witted, thoughtful and incisive, this is a thoroughly entertaining look at the bizarre and fatally flawed side of Australian television, full of long-running feuds, dark secrets, and a montage of the amazing number of times one character asks another ‘are you ok’ on the 2014 mini-series Secrets & Lies.’

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The Last of Us4 star review

>The Last of Us. Image: Binge.

‘There are several new touches that add a lot to the story and characterisation of these already well-established characters, touches that make this version of The Last of Us feel believable, unique, and engaging as a standalone piece of media – a show about finding something to live for when all hope is lost. This depiction of Joel, Ellie, and the world they inhabit is a strong one, and its deviances from the source material are overall successful in enhancing this telling of The Last of Us.’ 

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Strife4 star review

>BeBe Bettencourt, Maria Angelico, Olivia Junkeer, Bryony-Skillington and Asher Keddie in Strife. Image: Kane Skennar/Binge.

‘While we’re told Evelyn was once a fierce force for feminism in the Australian media, the series begins with her having ditched a marriage she just wasn’t feeling any more, leaving her more level-headed husband (Matt Day) somewhat perplexed. She’s also struggling with months-long writer’s block, which she only overcomes by inadvertently inventing confessional blogging with the online sensation: I Ended My Marriage Because of a Flat White.’

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