Product placement research – local data needed

Let's assume you are using product placement. Let's further assume you are willing to do a survey about it. The School of Marketing at the University of NSW really wants to hear from you.
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Let’s assume you are using product placement. Let’s further assume you are willing to do a survey about it. The School of Marketing at the University of NSW really wants to hear from you.

My name is Remiko Wong and I write to you to seek your help in some research being conducted by the School of Marketing at the University of NSW. This study is the first ever Australian-based study into product placement decision makers – looking at understanding their beliefs and attitudes to the practice, and trying to identify what business practices they are adopting. Not only do we hope to get a snapshot of where the Australian industry is currently sitting (which is much needed considering how new product placement is here) but we will also compare how they sit in relation to the US industry since we are replicating an existing US-based study that appeared in a top advertising journal (Journal of Advertising Research) .

Because of the nature of the industry, we have to adopt a snowball sampling technique. What this means is that to secure our sample, we are contacting people in the industry, asking them to complete the survey and then recommend it to other people they know who are relevant to the study and so on. But as you can imagine, getting our emails read and our phone calls answered by these busy executives is a tough ask.

So we were hoping that there might be some way that you may be able to endorse our study. Whether it be including the link and a summary of the study in your newsletter? A small piece of editorial on your website? Anything that will get this study in front of the right people and make them take notice of it, make them want to participate in it and see the value in doing so.

Or alternatively (or even as well as!), do any of your writers have relationships with any of these key product placement decision makers? Could they give us their names, or even contact them themselves, thereby further endorsing the study?

We’ve been fortunate to have the team at Inside Film to endorse our cause as well by placing a small press release and a link on their website. You can have a look at it under the Friday 23rd September press releases at . If we can secure your support as well, we will hopefully be well on our way to talking to all the right people! My guess is that they would be more receptive hearing from you than us.

As an FYI for you, I have attached a pdf version of the survey and the original study that we are replicating, as well as a one page snapshot of the value of this research for participants. The link to the website where they survey has been placed is as follows :

I know that I am asking a lot. But we would truly be indebted by any support that you could give us. The product placement industry in this country is still so new, and it really needs all the information, promotion and credibility it can get, and further collaboration between the academic and industry communities is a great way for this to happen.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, either by email or phone (0412 799 990).

Many thanks in advance for your help and your time,

Remiko Wong

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