COVID film students making a mark on history

Film students across Australia have been struggling to make films while locked down in isolation. The lucky ones are living with actors. QUT noticed that this is a moment in history, and went meta-doc on the times.
COVID film students making a mark on history US government images of COVID-19 are getting even creepier.


Friday 26 June, 2020

What to do with 63 film students trapped away from each other? Make an eight part web series on ways in which COVID-19 has affected people. 

According to the release, 'The result, From Home was launched on YouTube on the weekend (21 June) and includes episodes about the impact of COVID-19 on homelessness, international students, finding love, and teachers struggling to work online, as well as a beautiful ode to grandparents.'


These are third year films, the final project before graduation. They are:

  • Near and Far (international students stuck in QLD during the lockdown)
  • Put To The Test (teachers working from home as all schools shut down)
  • Double Crisis (supporting those below the poverty line during COVID-19)
  • A Better World (the effect of COVID-19 restrictions on senior citizens)
  • Online Connections (Online relationships can be as powerful and meaningful as those in the real world)
  • Over the Fence (A family whose child has a rare health condition shares their experience of lockdown)
  • Swiping Through Lockdown (finding Love during Lockdown)
  • To the World (a collection of creative submissions from around the world) 

The first half are already on Youtube. Here is then trailer:

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