UTS: take the next step to a creative career

Find new ways to formalise and develop your creative talents at the University of Technology, Sydney.

So you know you’re creative and would like to hone your skills with a cutting-edge Bachelor degree to set you up for a wide range of jobs? Or you’d like to enhance your career in the media industry with a postgraduate degree with tangible outcomes? Or maybe you’d like to take both of those pathways at different times? If so, getting creative at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) might be the right choice for you.

From a Bachelor of Animation to a Master of Media Practice and Industry, the undergrad and postgrad courses at UTS has been designed with real-life application in mind. Graduates are known for being creative and cultural producers who can incubate, produce and post-produce for screen, digital and emerging media, and the university is one of only six institutions in Australia recognised by The International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT).

So let’s look at a couple of the postgrad options, then two undergrad options, to give a sense of what’s on offer.

The Master of Media Practice and Industry has been created to help students develop ethical and sustainable skills within the contemporary media environment, and the attributes to deal with future changes in the industry. And because there are three specialist blocks to choose from, you can tailor your degree to your own situation and goals. Oh, and you’ll also work with real-world clients, creating content for live commercial projects. 

In the Graduate Certificate in Writing, Editing and Publishing, you’ll immerse yourself in numerous literary forms and genres while gaining extensive skills in creative writing. You’ll also learn to think critically and creatively about writing – especially your own. Graduates of this course work in the editing and publishing industry, for magazines, book presses and literary journals as well as corporate communications, public relations and advertising, and notable graduates include Pip Newling (Knockabout Girl), Nigel Bartlet (King of the Road), and many more. 

Graduates of the Bachelor of Animation Production, meanwhile, are image-makers, critical thinkers and storytellers who’ve had the opportunity during their degree to gain knowledge and hands-on experience of creating world-class animation. Suited to those with a passion for visual arts, drawing and narrative, this degree teaches the fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation. You’ll have the chance to work with live projects, such as VIVID, and leading industry players, such as Flying Bark Productions and Animal Logic.

For more proof that UTS’s creative courses are suited to the contemporary world, look no further than the Bachelor of Communication (Digital and Social Media). In this course, you’ll learn digital communication skills for use across a range of technological platforms and environments. You’ll also gain technical skills and hands-on experience in areas such as User Experience (UX) design, digital marketing, app prototyping and social media, and will graduate with the ability to analyse and develop digital communication and social media strategies in a variety of workplaces.

‘What inspired me to pick the Digital and Social Media course at UTS was the fact that this course was so reactive to the changed media environment,’ says graduate Samantha Packham, now an Account Executive with MercerBell. ‘No course at any other Australian university at the time was current enough to offer students a course that was really trying to keep with up modern day-issues. Specifically, the evolution of digital media and the impact of social media today.’

Find out more about the full range of creative courses on offer at UTS on the UTS website.