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NFSA Player launches with 17 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander titles

The Buwindja Collection shows how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ voices have been represented, a snapshot from the 70s to…


The Clearing on Disney+: Kate Mulvany and Hazem Shammas talk cults and lies

The gripping adaptation of JP Pomare's thriller, set in Victoria, also stars Miranda Otto and Guy Pearce.


Karla Grant: the Voice to Parliament is the biggest issue facing Australia

As SBS's Living Black marks its 20th anniversary, journalist and host Karla Grant discusses her career and the value of…


Hannah Carroll Chapman, Heartbreak High writer: I jumped so high my neck almost snapped

Getting to work on the rebooted – and globally successful – Netflix hit was a moment of joy and jeopardy…


Love Me star Heather Mitchell on playing women with agency

The hit Melbourne love story is back for a second season, with a zesty role that Mitchell is happy to…


Elvis: sound designer Wayne Pashley on working with Baz Luhrmann

The Oscar-nominated sound designer for Elvis discusses his work with Baz Luhrmann and other directors.


Hannah Ngo, Latecomers producer: 'Uplift your people'

The overwhelming worldwide response to Ngo's SBS production Latecomers has been ‘really wonderful’ – but celebrating doesn't come easy.


Rudy Jean Rigg: 'every week is Trans Awareness Week for me!'

Rudy Jean Rigg is a non-binary athlete, activist, and content creator best known for the TikTok series Rainbow History Class.…


A Beginner's Guide to Grief: making death funny with Anna Lindner

Grief is a messy experience. Anna Lindner, who created and stars in a new SBS Digital Originals series, hopes that…


True Colours' Erica Glynn: 'Let's not be polite about this, let's keep going!'

True Colours is a four part true-crime drama about a small Indigenous community and the suspicious accident that ties them…

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