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Couple to Throuple: polyamory is primed for mainstream TV

Promising three times the fun, feelings and drama, what can we expect from this dating series flirting with non-monogamy?

Opinions & Analysis

Best Australian TV in 2022 – Mystery Road, Fisk and more

Yes, there were flops and fizzles, but overall 2022 was a pretty good – and in some cases brilliant –…

Opinions & Analysis

Peppa Pig, lesbian polar bears, and queerness in Aus kids TV

Australian children’s TV is a global leader in screen diversity, including gender and queer representation.


What the dog? Why Bluey is censored in the US

There's been a bit of outrage recently over the fact that Bluey is censored overseas ... is Disney barking up…


Why do Australian TV panel shows suck? Funny answers only

They're cheap to make and can resonate with audiences. So why do we keep getting panel shows so wrong?

The wedding of Scott and Charlene
Opinions & Analysis

Neighbours and the Australian screen industry

The under-threat show has given a start to many writers, directors, producers, actors and crew over 37 years.

Stern parents, handsome son

Series Mania - the changing international market

François-Pier Pelinard-Lambert from Series Mania warns us that our national passion for reality TV is a real problem for international…

Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter smile for the camera
Opinions & Analysis

New documentary investments from Screen Australia defy financial hits

Screen Australia supports fine feature docs as life is about to get harder for producers.

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Is your TV telling corporations what you watch? And is broadcast TV dying?

Samba, a way to digitally track viewing habits, is spreading to Australia, hoping to challenge our traditional assumptions – and…

Opinions & Analysis

A Deep Dive into Serial Killer TV

Quality or trash, Adrian Martin eats up the genre. From 'The Sons of Sam' to 'Manhunt', 'Zodiac' and 'The Serpent'…

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