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image from the film zola

Film Review: 'Zola' - How to Tell the Story?

Zola is a cautionary glimpse into the prevalence of sex trafficking, wrapped in social media ambience. The result is a…

Mark Wahlberg in Infinite. Photo: Paramount Plus

Film Review: Infinite is an entertaining mess

Infinite is entertaining, you don’t have to pay too much attention, and afterwards you’ll be asking yourself 'did I really…


Film Review: Black Widow is the perfect welcome back to Marvel movies

Australian director Cate Shortland's effective 'prequel' allows Black Widow to finish her family business, and gives a thrilling introduction to…


Film review: Fast & Furious 9 makes no sense but so what?

The franchise that takes jaw-dropping action seriously had lost a bit of its fizz. This one isn't perfect, but it's…


Film Review: Cousins is a deeply emotional story of resilience

Beautifully told and collaboratively made, Cousins is a powerful story of three Māori girls separated by forced assimilation, says reviewer…


Film Review: Cruella charms with style and snark

An unnecessary but enjoyable Disney origin story owes much to its faux-punk fashion and the duelling stars Emma Stone and…


Film Review: June Again adds lucid wit to a tale of second chances

Warm, wise and playful, this polished debut features yet another great performance from Noni Hazlehurst, says critic Mel Campbell.


Film Review: I Met a Girl handles Schizophrenia with loving realism

Writer Glen Dolman and director Luke Eve use the structure of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl rom-com to tell a…


Ascendant Film Review: Charlotte Best shines in this sci-fi thriller

Ironically enough, Ascendant – a film in which a young woman is trapped in an elevator – also has a…


Film Review: Penguin Bloom plays it by the book

Naomi Watts is compelling in a story of resilience that sticks closely to the true account and to the formula…

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