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Midnight Oil documentary Roadshow

Midnight Oil: The Hardest Line, first look at the trailer

The trailer promises a rousing and inspiring documentary about Midnight Oil, the quintessential band that shaped modern Australia.


Netflix: new shows streaming this week

Your guide to what's new to stream from 1 to 7 April on Netflix in Australia.


Netflix: new shows and films streaming December 2023

From Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget to Maestro, here are the December highlights for Netflix.


Irish Film Festival Australia launches 2023 program

Doing justice to the cinematic output of a entire nation is ‘very challenging,’ says Irish Film Festival Australia Festival Director…


The rise of South Australian film festivals

Emerging and diverse filmmakers in SA have more opportunities to show their work with the rise in local film festivals.


Time Addicts: watch the trailer for Melbourne-filmed thriller comedy

Time Addicts follows two Melbourne drug addicts in a journey with a literal time-altering substance.

Sophie Wilde in Talk to Me. Image: A24.

Talk To Me is A24’s top horror release at North American box office

Australian-made film Talk To Me is now A24's highest grossing horror release in North America.


Carmen producer Rosemary Blight on Millepied's bold reimagining of Bizet's opera

Australian screen producer Rosemary Blight reveals that Paul Mescal didn't know how to dance, box or play guitar before filming…


From RackaRacka to Talk To Me: Michael and Danny Philippou stay humble

What scares the duo behind acclaimed A24 horror Talk To Me? Jump scares, suspense, or ... the Letterboxd community?


Why Vietnam banned the Barbie movie over a map

What is the ‘nine-dash line’ and what does it have to do with the Barbie movie?

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