Toni Collette film Under The Stars shooting in Italy

Under The Stars is a new romcom film written by a bestselling YA author.
Toni Collette. Image: Christian Hogstedt.

Australian actress Toni Collette is starring in a new romantic comedy called Under The Stars which has started filming in Italy.

The feature follows a struggling romance novelist stuck in a passionless relationship. When he goes to Italy looking for inspiration, he unexpectedly finds the girl of his dreams. The script is written by YA author Victoria Vinuesa, who also penned the best-selling novel See You In Venus, and its subsequent Netflix adaptation. The film is directed by Michelle Danner, whose credits include The Runner and Miranda’s Victim.

Collette co-stars with Andy Garcia (Ocean’s 11), Alex Pettyfer, (Magic Mike), and Eva De Dominici (The Cleaning Lady). Their roles have not yet been confirmed.

Under the Stars is a fun and heartfelt romantic comedy about love, passion, and beauty with a brilliant ensemble cast featuring Toni Collette, Andy Garcia, Alex Pettyfer and Eva De Dominici,’ said producer Pia Patatian. ‘Set against the bustle of London and the serenity of Puglia, Michelle Danner is the ideal director to bring Victoria Vinuesa’s wonderful story to life.’

Production is currently underway in Puglia, Italy, and will continue in London.

Under the Stars is produced by Pia Patatian (See You in VenusPadre Pio, Manodrome) and executive produced by Capstone Studios’ Christian Mercuri and Roman Viaris, Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, Jessica Michel Serfaty, Davide Meretti, Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton and Ying Ye, and Brandos Film’s Gian G. Foschini. Capstone Studios is on to finance the film.

Arclight is pitching the film for international sales ahead of Cannes. Capstone is handling domestic. Production is currently underway in Puglia, Italy and will continue in London.

Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, and filmmaker. They joined ScreenHub as Film Content Lead in 2022. Twitter: @SilviReports