The Sloth Lane: Leslie Jones voices a cheetah in Screen Queensland-funded film

The Sloth Lane revolves around a family of sloths, voiced by a mix of Aussie and international actors, who embark on a journey to Sanctuary City.

Production has commenced on a new children’s 3D animated film titled The Sloth Lane – the fourth entry in the Australian Tales From Sanctuary City franchise.

The film follows Laura, a speedy 12-year-old sloth, and her quirky sloth family. Their world is turned upside down when a storm devastates their family restaurant and their only home. Left with no choice, they pack up what little remains and embark on a journey to Sanctuary City to open a food truck.

Armed with family recipes that have been perfected for generations, their food truck becomes an unexpected success, catching the attention of the entrepreneurial and fashion-forward cheetah, Dotti Pace. However, their happiness is short-lived when they are deceived into giving up their secret recipes. The close-knit sloth family must defy the odds and recover their beloved recipe book.

Tales from Sanctuary City is created and managed by Australian children’s production company Like a Photon Creative. Each of the 3D-animated films in the franchise revolves around anthropomorphic animals who reside in Sanctuary City (which was inspired by the fauna and landscape of Australia). As of now, the franchise consists of three completed films (and the aforementioned upcoming) and a mobile app.

The Sloth Lane features a cast comprising Australian and international actors. The characters will be brought to life by voice talents such as Leslie Jones as Dotti Pace, Teo Vergara as Laura, Olivia Vásquez as Gabby, Benjamin Gorroño as Luis, Facundo Herrera as Mani, Remy Hii as Platy, and Matteo Romaniuk as Arlo.

Australian and female-owned production house, Like A Photon Creative, will be responsible for producing the film, while Sola Media will handle distribution, having recently acquired international distribution rights for the next three animated feature films in the Sanctuary City franchise.

Sola Media is set to present initial materials to international buyers at the American Film Market (AFM). ‘We have been very much looking forward to meeting the adorable family of sloths,’ said Solveig Langeland, Managing Director of Sola Media. ‘Their journey to the fast-paced world of Sanctuary City with their slow food truck entertains with humor, emotions, and a timely message.’

The film is produced by Kristen Souvlis, Nadine Bates, and Ryan Greaves and is directed by Tania Vincent and Ricard Cussó. It has received support from Screen Queensland’s PDV funding and financing from Alceon Entertainment.

A release date for The Sloth Lane is yet to be confirmed.

Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, and filmmaker. They joined ScreenHub as Film Content Lead in 2022. Twitter: @SilviReports