Sarah Snook joins Memoir of a Snail, from the director of Harvie Krumpet

The latest claymation film from Adam Elliot will star Succession actor Sarah Snook.

Sarah Snook (Succession, Run Rabbit Run), is set to lead the voice cast of Adam Elliot’s next stop-motion feature, Memoir of a Snail.

Snook joins an ensemble of Australian talent including Jacki Weaver, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Magda Szubanski, and Eric Bana in bringing Elliot’s latest clay-based tale to life.

Snook will voice the film’s protagonist, Grace Puddle, a solitary collector of ornamental snails with a penchant for romance novels. As reported in Deadline, Grace’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of 1970s Australia, where she grapples with familial separation, anxiety, and depression, finding solace in her peculiar hobby.

Elliot, renowned for his Oscar-winning stop-motion short Harvie Krumpet, revealed that Memoir of a Snail draws inspiration from personal experiences, particularly his relationship with his mother and a close friend.

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Memoir of a Snail is being produced by Arenamedia, with Liz Kearney as producer and Robert Connolly and Robert Patterson as executive producers. The project received significant backing from Screen Australia and was developed in collaboration with VicScreen, supported by various financial contributors including Soundfirm and Mind the Gap Finance.

The claymation shoot took place last year at Docklands Studio, where Elliot reunited with a seasoned team of creatives, including DOP Gerald Thompson, editor Bill Murphy, and animation technical director John Lewis, all of whom previously collaborated on Elliot’s acclaimed Mary and Max.

The film has already attracted international attention, with Paris-based Charades and London-based Anton spearheading worldwide sales efforts. A promotional teaser is slated for presentation at the upcoming European Film Market.

Memoirs of a Snail does not yet have a release date.

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