Project Managers’ Pay Rates: the national comparison

what are they
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Personal Particulars Form
This form must be completed and attached to the front of your application and delivered to the
SAFC by COB Monday 3 December.
Vacancy Details
Job Title
Project Officer
Screen Industry Programs
Personal Details
Salutation (Mr, Ms, Mrs or Dr)
First Name(s)
Postal Address
State Postcode
Home Phone
Mobile Phone Fax
Email Address
Are you:
an Australian Citizen: Yes/No
a Permanent Resident: Yes/No
Division: Screen Industry Programs
Immediate Supervisor: Head, Screen Industry Programs
1. Work with the Head of Screen Industry Programs (HSIP) and other Project Officers in
a team-based process to assess applications for development, production, marketing
and other funding programs.
2. Arrange and participate in discussions with applicants and arrange external
assessments or consultations concerning applications for funding.
3. Work with HSIP and other Project Officers in the monitoring and on-going
development of programs, policies and processes.
4. As required, carry out administrative and financial reporting duties related to the
management of individual projects and the management of SIP programs.
5. Liaise with and actively communicate information about SIP activities to the
practitioner client base.
6. Be aware of industry views and production trends by establishing and maintaining
relationships with a wide cross section of the production, distribution and broadcast
7. Maintain effective working relationships with staff of other Federal and State film
agencies and broadcasters.
8. Participate with other SAFC staff in the on-going appraisal of the selection, progress
and outcomes of funded projects.
9. Represent the SAFC at conferences, seminars and meetings as requested.
10. Other duties as required.
1. Substantial and recent experience at a key creative level in at least two of the following:
feature film, short film, documentary, animation, interactive media or previous experience in a
state or federal agency.
2. Proven experience in and preference for team-based management and decision-making
3. The ability to evaluate ideas, scripts and other proposals against the SAFC’s development,
production, marketing and other guidelines.
4. The ability and willingness to appreciate the value of and support projects outside of own
personal taste or interests.
5. The ability to assess the production and budget implications of scripts and project
6. A strong working knowledge of the current financing, production and marketing structures
of the Australian film, television and interactive media industries with a particular
understanding of the South Australian industry landscape.
7. Key industry relationships with broadcasters, distributors and other film agencies and the
ability to represent the SAFC within the Australian film, television and interactive media
8. Written and oral communication skills of a high order.

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