Ben Roberts-Smith doco Truth on Trial to stream on Stan

The 'explosive feature-length documentary' will cover the story of Roberts-Smith up to and including his trial against the media for defamation.

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Ben Roberts-Smith Truth On Trial will premiere 10 December, the streamer announced today.

Described as an ‘explosive feature-length documentary’, the film, produced and directed by Dora Weekley, follows Nick McKenzie and Chris Masters’ quest to ‘uncover the truth behind rumours that Australia’s most decorated living soldier, Ben Roberts-Smith, committed war crimes in Afghanistan and is a war criminal’.

It traces the origins of McKenzie and Masters’ controversial reports in 2018 and the subsequent stories on 60 Minutes, up to Roberts-Smith taking them to court in a defamation trial that ended this year.

McKenzie said: ‘Amid all the secrecy and attempts at cover-ups, this documentary gives Australians the inside story into the fight by brave SAS soldiers to have the truth about Roberts-Smith revealed as well as our struggle as journalists to ensure the public learned the facts, not the myth, about Roberts-Smith.’

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Created in collaboration with 60 Minutes, The Age and The Sydney Morning HeraldRevealed: Ben Roberts-Smith Truth On Trial is the seventh title in Stan’s Revealed documentary slate, following Danielle Laidley: Two Tribes, The Cape, Reefshot, Trafficked, Amongst Us – Neo Nazi Australia, and No Mercy, No Remorse. 

Revealed: Ben Roberts-Smith Truth On Trial premieres on 10 December on Stan.

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