Aus series It’s Fine, I’m Fine selected for CanneSeries 2022

Follow a suburban Australian psychologist as she helps her patients explore the mess, humour, melancholy and unexpected magic of life.

A new short-form series is making waves as the only Australian production to be officially selected for international competition CanneSeries 2022.

It’s Fine, I’m Fine, directed by Stef Smith (Joy Boy, The Lost Tapes) follows a suburban Australian psychologist as she and her patients explore love, loss, anxiety, obsession, and the uncertain future ahead. The first season, premiering this April, contains 12 episodes that all clock in under ten minutes.

The series is written by a host of established and new Australian voices, and boasts a tight ensemble cast which includes performances from Heather Mitchell (Love Me), Andrew McFarlane (Secret City) and Arky Michael (House of Bond) alongside rising stars Catherine Van-Davies (Hungry Ghosts), Eryn Jean Norvill (Preppers), Wendy Mocke (Troppo) and Chris Bunton (Relic).

A happy/sad story

‘This show melds together three things I love – happy/sad stories, magical realism and therapy’, Director Stef Smith said. ‘Though I don’t go to therapy nearly as much as I should (but who does?). As a storyteller I’m really drawn to the happy/sad moments. Look at the world around us, it’s impossible to be happy all the time. Life is too complex for that. Are we all alone in the universe? I don’t know but sometimes it sure as shit feels like it. I find embracing sadness is a really healthy and liberating thing.’

With raining ash, delusions of grandeur and magical poo; the series asks, for all of humanity’s idiosyncrasies and flaws, how or why do we choose to persist and find the magic?

‘Shooting 80 pages in eight days during a pandemic was a terrifying challenge only made possible
because of our amazing team. I’m a sucker for an underdog story and for our “little project that could”,
to end up screening in a place like Cannes, is overwhelming and thrilling to say the least.’

Stef Smith also produced the series, alongside Clare Delaney, Iain Crittenden and Florence Tourbier. The project is supported by Executive Producers Annette Davey (Pam & Tommy), Gracie Otto (Seriously Red) and Oliver Lawrance (Sweet Country), with principal production investment from Screen Australia and development support from Screen NSW.

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Screen Australia’s Head of Online Lee Naimo said: ‘A huge congratulations to this team on being selected for CanneSeries. Creator Stef Smith along with such an exciting array of writers have brought a unique, poignant and visually beautiful story to the screen and we are proud to see it premiere on the world stage.’

The CanneSeries Short-Form competition 2022 showcases new, promising and innovative formats, which reflect current and new ways of watching series.

It’s Fine, I’m Fine will receive its world premiere on Tuesday 5 April in the Espace Miramar

Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, and filmmaker. They joined ScreenHub as Film Content Lead in 2022. Twitter: @SilviReports