AIDC program releases power of collective intelligence

With a March 1 start date, the Australian International Documentary Conference bids for attendees with a full program.

The long AIDC hunt-and-gather process is nearly over as it leaps into the public eye with a full program. We think it wins the secret Program Olympics for being over a month early. 

As always we are beating the drum for the conference with an eye to our larger culture. Even the website for 2020 is a really clear pitch with lines like this:


  • 64 sessions, screenings, events and marketplace activities
  • Over 80 national and international speakers
  • 63 decision makers from across the Australian and global industry
  • 19 projects from 13 different countries of production in FACTory 2020 pitches
  • $500,500 worth of funding opportunities in AIDC 2020 marketplace and initiatives
  • 22 screen companies donated to the Leading Lights Fund, supporting 35 recipients

The speakers section is still growing. The photos are much classier these days, as if we are somehow becoming more image conscious. 

The theme for the 2020 AIDC is COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE which ‘coalesces program ideas around shared intelligence and collective efforts across craft, business, innovation and more..’ according to the site. 

The days of being a doughty individualist are gone. Small mindedness has been exposed for what it is, at least in the indy community. 

The overwhelming sense of the program for me is this: producers who succeed have a strong sense of clear stories which illuminate the great issues of our times, in an endless battle with narrative cliches about what is important, what the audience wants, how stupid they are, premasticated dramatic forms and sheer cowardice. At the AIDC you will find survivors, strategists and winners. 

It is going to be a good conference. As it says, this is about 


‘As we launch into a new decade, both the sessions and theme of this year’s conference have very much been designed in response to the environment we are currently living in and the one that we want in the future’ said AIDC’s CEO/Conference Director Alice Burgin.

‘Collective intelligence is in many ways a rejection of the business-as-usual mindset that is being disrupted by new technologies, new forms, new players and new audiences. We wanted to create a program that speaks to this but also to the power of true collaboration, all in a language that really challenges tokenism and sets a high bar’.

Also, the site itself is built with a touch of imagination. How rare is that?

David Tiley was the Editor of Screenhub from 2005 until he became Content Lead for Film in 2021 with a special interest in policy. He is a writer in screen media with a long career in educational programs, documentary, and government funding, with a side order in script editing. He values curiosity, humour and objectivity in support of Australian visions and the art of storytelling.