$1 billion Australian Stories Fund pledged by the Greens

Australian stories on our screens are essential, says Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

The Australian Greens today announced a commitment to establishing a $1billion Australian Stories Fund and imposing local content quotas on global streaming giants.

The Australian Stories Fund – pledged at today’s Screen Producers Australia Federal Election Forum – would invest in the infrastructure, crew training and development needs of our screen industry, ensuring a robust and sustainable local industry able to keep creating high-quality Australian content.

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Greens Spokesperson for the Arts and Communication, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

‘Australian stories on our screens are essential in shaping national identity and reflecting the diversity of our community. We are home to some of the most talented filmmakers in the business, and it is high time they were given the support needed to focus on telling quality Australian stories.

‘Hollywood discovered Australia as a premier filmmaking destination during the Covid-19 pandemic. After the bright lights and big names have gone home, we need to sustain our local industry to tell local stories.’

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In balance of power in the next parliament, the Greens said they would also push to legislate local content quotas, in a move to regulate the global streaming giants profiting off Australian audiences.

‘Now much of viewing has shifted to streaming, regulation is needed to keep up with the nation’s expectation for local faces on our screens,’ Senator Hanson-Young said.

‘Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan, Disney+ and now Paramount are growing in popularity and making a mint from Australian audiences. We will introduce new laws to require streaming services to invest 20% of their earnings from Australian subscribers into Australian content creation.’

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