The Last of Us – Episode 6 Recap – ‘Kin’

Joel and Tommy finally reunite in Episode 6 of The Last of Us, but that only creates more tensions between Joel and Ellie.
The Last of Us - Episode 6 Recap - 'Kin'

Episode 6 of HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us goes to some interesting places, namely, the town of Jackson, which marks a significant convergence of the narrative from both Part I and Part II of the original Last of Us video game series. Joel and Ellie get to take a bit of a breather this time, in comfortable surroundings and without fear of danger, which lets them take stock of their journey and relationship with one another.

There’s some great character drama going on here, as the quiet moments in Joel and Ellie’s growing relationship get precious more screen time. But the two also spend some time away from each other, which allows them to seek outside counsel, get some fresh perspective, and get more introspective, with each character coming out from it in a different way.

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