The New Boy – need to know

Everything you need to know about Warwick Thornton's new film starring Cate Blanchett, in less than 60 seconds.

What’s this?

The story of a nine-year-old Aboriginal orphan boy in 1940s Australia who arrives in the dead of night at a remote monastery run by a renegade nun, where his presence disturbs the delicately balanced world.

Who’s in it?

Cate Blanchett, Aswan Reid and Deborah Mailman star.

Who directs?

Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah, 2009, Sweet Country, 2017) and wrote and directed The New Boy.

What’s the classification?

The New Boy is rated M for mature themes.

Is there a trailer?

Any trivia?

As per IMDB: Screen Australia’s First Nations Department provided major production investment in association with Screen NSW (New South Wales) and the South Australian Film Corporation. The First Nations Department first backed this project over a number of years whilst it has been in development.

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Do the critics like it?

The New Boy is currently sitting with a 65% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews. Here’s what Stephen Romei wrote in The Australian:

The New Boy, written, directed and filmed by Indigenous filmmaker Warwick Thornton, is a masterpiece.

The Australian

Anna Bogutskaya in The Playlist, meanwhile, wrote that:

The New Boy tiptoes around spirituality and magic without daring to commit to either.

The Playlist

Do say

How great that we can go to the cinema to support this gorgeous-looking Australian film.

Don’t say

Forget The New Boy, Ima rewatch New Girl season 1 from 2011 at home.

Where and when can I watch it?

The New Boy is in Australian cinemas from 6 June 2023.

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