BritBox: new shows streaming in January 2024

From Father Brown Season 11 to Ghosts Season 4 – the best new shows coming to BritBox in January 2024.

Have a BritBox subscription but don’t know what to watch? Here are some shows and films coming to the service in January.

4 Jan


A drama series that presents an uncensored, shocking and (darkly) funny reality being a prison-officer in Britain.

5 Jan

Love Sarah

In this film starring Celia Imrie, a young woman wants to open a bakery in Notting Hill, London, with a little help from her friends and relatives.

9 Jan

Death in Paradise: Christmas Special

A festive special of the long-running series in which a London detective finds himself on a Caribbean island investivating complex murders.

16 Jan

Father Brown – Season 11

Father Brown. Image: BBC Studios/Gary Moyes.

In the 1950s, Catholic priest Father Brown solves various crimes in his village, teaming up with fan-favourite Sister Boniface this season to solve a murder at an arts and crafts fair.

Ghosts – Season 4

The doors of the crumbling country mansion creak open once more, seeing its living inhabitants and restless dead settle into a unique daily routine.

19 Jan


Starring Colin Farrell, this film sees an Irish fisherman finding a woman in his fishing net who may or may not be a selkie.

25 Jan


Estranged sisters Becca and Rosaline learn to love and respect one another all over again after a tragic event, discovering their late mother had been living a double life.

26 Jan


Starring Eva Green, this film delves into the relationships between girls at an elite boarding school.

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