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Watch out for The Archive Project, Thursday January 25, 9. 30 p.m. ABC TV (no ads)
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watch out for The Archive Project, Thursday January 25, 9. 30 p.m. ABC TV (no ads)

“Pick of the day” Sunday Age. 21.1.07, ‘The Australian’ 20.1.07, The Age Green Guide, 18.1.07

“… compulsory viewing for anyone concerned about threats to political freedom… a powerful, relevant and original documentary” Natalie Craig, ‘Critics View’, Age Green Guide 18.1.07

“… priceless record of Australia… inventively woven together”, Sandy George, The Australian’ 20.1.07

“… film emerges as an imaginatively edited and briskly energetic portrait of a key part of our social and artistic history”, Lyndon Barber, Sydney Film Festival, 2006

“This fascinating film invites us to consider what we’ve all made of that activist legacy” New Zealand Film Festival, 2006

“engrossing… It’s a painstaking, thoughtful, often lyrical affirmation of documentary’s ambitions and intentions, desires and possibilities, what it was and what it can still become.”
Philippa Hawker (Age 11.2.06)

Winner (with Hunt Angels) best feature documentary, Film Critics Award, 2006
Winner, ATOM Awards (Best Tertiary Resource), 2006
Winner, Australian Film and History conference Joan Long Award, Australian Film History, 2006
Winner, Film Australia’s Stanley Hawes Award, achievement in documentary, 2006
Nominations AFI: Best Editing and Best Sound Design

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