Creatives need clarity of mind – here’s how to get it

Without clarity you’re directionless and progress is hard. Emmy and AACTA Award-winning producer turned creative sector executive coach Ellenor Cox explains how to turn overwhelm into direction and brain fog into crystal clear focus

Have you ever gone throughout the day feeling like you can’t quite tackle your to-do list, or think straight because your mind feels like it’s all over the place?️ You’re struck down with brain fog and feelings of overwhelm and the inner monologue of self-doubt seems on high repeat?

This is where mental clarity is so important as it helps us to find focus and direction and a path towards our goals and priorities. It’s also our superpower against dealing with our inner critic and for this reason, I’ve created ingrained habits around book-ending the start and finish of my day with rituals that focus on my mental clarity to help clear my mind, create solid intentions and gratitude reflections.

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Ellenor Cox is a veteran Emmy and AACTA award winning producer now providing the industry with coaching and mentoring services. More information and extensive free resources available at