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Shoot on schedule, all relieved in jungle

We love this kind of announcement. 'Huge storm never makes shore, hundreds relieved'.

Company Announcements

Games company assembles elements of Tempest film project

Pisces All Media is pleased to announced that distinguished Shakespearean actor JOHN RHYS DAVIES (Gimli in LOTR, Sliders, Indiana Jones)…

Company Announcements

Win for ASDA on copyright recognition

The directors have been very grumpy indeed for a long time about their copyright status, since they feel unjustly neglected…

Company Announcements

Consultant to review ABC funding

KPMG Australia is doing a review of the ABC's finances. Either the senior echelons at Auntie have a nice pile…

Company Announcements

More SA state filmmaker support initiative program thingys

The South Australians seem to proliferate initiatives faster than any other state agency, which means they are ripe for copying…

Company Announcements

Product placement research - local data needed

Let's assume you are using product placement. Let's further assume you are willing to do a survey about it. The…

Company Announcements

SPARK projects financed. Joy ensues.

The AFC and AFTRS are very very happy that the SPARK projects are being financed. Last Friday's FFC meeting added…

Company Announcements

Melbourne Documentary Group: SBS, commissioning editors and the whole damn thing

Triggered by the SBSI decision to remove the commissioning editor from Melbourne, the Melbourne Documentary Group is holding a forum…


Stokes gets first taste of grilling

Kerry Stokes added to the short list of Great Austraiian Media Quotes when he said that Packer told him at…

Company Announcements

Ginnane and Lyons ink distrib rights deal

We wouldn't call this a classy package, but 'Antony I. Ginnane and Ann Lyons of IFM World Releasing are proud…

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