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Ignite your acting career at Actors Centre Australia

ACA’s Foundation Program delivers the vital tools and techniques emerging actors need to take the next step towards an exciting career in the industry.
Ignite your acting career at Actors Centre Australia

Actors Centre Australia - Foundation Program. Images courtesy of Actors Centre Australia Production
Library, 2019.

Actors Centre Australia’s (ACA) Foundation Program is an intensive course designed to give young or untrained actors the essential skills they need to pursue their creative ambitions. Over five months, this exciting and demanding program guides emerging actors on their career journey, inspired by the skilled and dedicated ACA Executive Teaching Team.

‘ACA has the culture, environment and delivery methods to ensure everyone’s calling and craft can ignite,’ said Dean Carey, CEO, Founder and Director of ACA and Director of Programs.

‘You may have the strongest ambition and deepest calling, but you also need to master those essential skills to succeed. These learning and performance outcomes for each and every student are our sole consideration and will make sure each student is match-fit for their end of year drama school auditions and be able to put their best foot forward,’ said Carey.

Carey has been involved in actor training and education for over 40 forty years and opened the doors of ACA 32 year ago. He is passionate about teaching and maintaining a vibrant, diverse and creatively-propelling environment for both students and staff at ACA. 

‘We want our students to be inspired by our world-class tutors, led by Johann Walraven, our Head of Acting in the Foundation Program, who is an extremely experienced and passionate actor and teacher,’ said Carey.

The Foundation Program is a unique and elite program for emerging actors. ‘We believe it makes a real mark in the acting space, with distinctive elements that set it apart from many other courses,’ said Carey. 

‘The essential skills mastered in the course give our students an inner confidence, so they are able to make the very most of every new acting and audition opportunity,’ said Carey.

The intensive course runs over 20 weeks with classes running on Monday to Thursday evenings and all day Saturday. Entry is by digital audition and Carey said only those applicants who show particular talent and aptitude, as well as the potential and promise, are offered a place. The course is for people who are serious about their career and are ready to truly commit and work hard.

ACA’s paradigm for learning is that high challenge matched with high support produces high performance. 

‘Our program uses learning techniques that open up possibilities within each actor and salute the very best in each individual. Peak performance is our focus through an active, dynamic, and productive learning environment, matching rigour with achievement at every step.’

The program has been meticulously designed and conceived with each actor’s individual learning outcomes and professional results as the prime considerations. 

ACA is built upon a deeply-held belief in the transformational capacity of performance, the enrichment of the human experience, and of each person’s true potential realized through our unique performing arts education.  ‘Our mission is to enliven the soul of society through the power of the performing arts,’ said Carey.

ACA provides a rigorous, vibrant, high challenge and high support environment, where everyone is encouraged class by class to support themselves and each other 100% so real achievement is possible in every class. It is very much a real-world adult learning environment, a place of mutual collaboration, respect and support.

The Foundation Program is structured to allow students time for reflection along with time for quality research and preparation and time to work and to live.

‘Maintaining a balanced and healthy life is essential to avoid the stresses and overload that many students experience. This allows students to fully embrace the quality training they receive and accelerate and deepen their learning.’

Carey said one of their guiding principles is ‘to serve, inspire, support and embolden our creative artists via sector-specific training’.  They also believe it is imperative to build-in career sustainability and longevity in what can be a notoriously difficult and fickle industry.

‘This program will be your best next step to gain entry into a full-time course in Australia or overseas or to accelerate your training to enter the profession,’ said Carey.

Applications are now open for the next ACA Foundation Program, beginning in Sydney on 1 July 2019.  For full details, go to

Applicants need a CV, headshot, and an audition video featuring a 2.5 minute monologue to be uploaded during the application process.  There is no application fee with full course fees of $9,990. Scholarships are also available. Applications close on 16 June 2019.

Dr Diana Carroll

Monday 20 May, 2019

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