Izzie Austin

PhD candidate in cinema and screen studies based in Naarm. My current research area is revenge and justice in teen film, and I like to write about genre films, feminism and queer theory. I co-host a podcast called Pill Pop, an audio roadtrip for the chronically ill.

Izzie's Latest Articles


Poor Things, Lisa Frankenstein and Del Toro keep the monster alive

We're seeing a new wave of high-profile films inspired by Shelley's monster and its creator, raising the question: why now?


Eco-horror and Australian films pair well – and offer hope

Australia has produced more than its share of eco-horror films, and it’s hardly surprising, but there's a silver lining.


Behind many great films is a great woman supervising music

If you've not heard these women’s names before it's because the music department is undervalued in the film production process.


The Consultant on Amazon Prime is sinister and close to home

Christoph Waltz gives a riveting performance as a consultant hired to 'observe, streamline and improve' a company.

Opinions & Analysis

Christmas TV specials can be awful: here are three of the best

We've all seen saccharine Christmas specials – so which ones actually capture the chaos (and, yes, joy) of the big…


Blockbuster on Netflix isn't as bonkers as the real-life experience

Blockbuster deserves the room it needs to become the show it wants to be but theres no guarantee that will…

Opinions & Analysis

Avenging dead wives: what films like Mad Max and Mandy get right

'Fridging' female characters to lend emotional depth to male leads is a gross trope, but sometimes revenge is sweet.

Opinions & Analysis

The Imperfects, Netflix, portrays chronic illness better than most

Representation of chronic illness is wildly hit-and-miss – so I’m falling over myself to praise to a series that's getting…


Paper Girls on Amazon Prime: a 1980s sci-fi with lots of heart

It’s the morning after Halloween 1988 ... So begins this intriguing and exciting story that blends time-travel with coming-of-age.


Three Thousand Years of Longing: George Miller's wish upon two stars

Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba learn not to bottle it all up in this epic and heartwarming fantasy by the…

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