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What's On - Last Jedi + Harry Dean Stanton + sacred deers + key anime

David Tiley

We are supposed to jingle our bells and go mainstream. Instead we seek out the scraps to keep the arthouse spirit alive.
What's On - Last Jedi + Harry Dean Stanton + sacred deers + key anime

Image: girl power takes over. This fragment of the Last Jedi world is a doll. 

Every Frame a Painting is an important video essay collection run by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou. They are well worth watching. Now the duo has officially ended the series and explained why in an article on Medium. The net is a way station, not a destination. 

This weekend is bereft of new releases, but 14 December gets us Star Wars: The Last Jedi on wide release, along with Wonderstruck and Ferdinand.

So this is how it looks: 


And on Sharmillian release, Slack Bay, the fin-de-siecle French comedy which has been waiting awhile to suck us in.


Right now you can see Lucky, the last film from Harry Dean Stanton which is elegaic and hopeful and wonderful..


Or Disaster Artist which is a delight for filmmakers as it is about making a truly dreadful film etc etc.


And The Killing of a Sacred Deer which is truly bent..


Or The Shot Caller, a tight little thriller..


While many venues are finishing off their festival programs, Melbourne's ACMI has gone into a summer frenzy. Retrospective Australian picture with Q&A, a season of anime essentials, and a summer program which includes Swallows and Amazons, Sami Blood and Agnes Varda. etc.

Up on Lygon Street Cinema Fiasco is running a screening of Invasion of the Bee Girls with added trash commentary.

Dendy meanwhile is running a festive version of Die Hard on December 11.

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