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Australian TV drama Clickbait. Adrian Grenier in Clickbait via Netflix
Opinions & Analysis

Australian TV drama on the ropes says QUT study

Australians aren't getting cultural value for the money we're spending on 'local' TV drama, says a new report.

David Tiley. Image is a black and white shot of two long haired white chaps on a bed. One in the bed looks like Jesus, the other is holding a clapperboard. On the wall behind the bed is a huge abstract mural.
Opinions & Analysis

David Tiley meets final deadline

ScreenHub's defining editor is remembered by his close friend and former colleague, who shared his love of a good plot…


Avatar: The Last Airbender – everyone wants to touch Appa

The cast of the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series talk about living up to fans' expectations with the new…

A still from Ruby Rai, PI: A woman, Ruby Rai, runs out of a convenience store.

Fresh Blood: Vidya Rajan on pitching a wacky detective show to the ABC

Melbourne-based writer and actor Vidya Rajan talks to ScreenHub about making original Aussie TV.


International film & TV projects in production in 2024

An incomprehensive list of TV & Film projects shooting this year in Hollywood and beyond.


Australian film & TV projects in production in 2024

An incomprehensive list of all Aussie TV & Film projects shooting this year.


The Newsreader: how Kim Ho pens the satisfying stress of an 80s newsroom

Non-binary screenwriter Kim Ho has been nominated for an AWGIE for their episode of The Newsreader.

Bromley. Image is artist spraying green paint at the camera.

Artist David Bromley on mental health, Bromley: Light After Dark documentary

The celebrated painter discusses his much anticipated new feature documentary.

Documentary. Image is a group of women in a small filming studio, with two sitting in chairs facing each other and another behind a film camera.

Documentary filmmaking classes for the Bold and Beautiful

A series of workshops specifically for women and gender diverse people aged over 40 exemplifies the agency of human involvement.


Making Mermaid Magic with Our Flag Means Death Costume Designer Gypsy Taylor

From Mermaid Stede to Calypso's birthday, Australian costume designer Gypsy Taylor discusses the best looks from OFMD season 2.

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