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Twitter accounts film and cinema lovers need to follow

A round-up of the Twitter accounts you should follow if you talk about, make, or just simply watch movies.


What's new to streaming this week on Netflix, Stan, Binge, Disney+, Prime, Paramount+ and more

What to watch this week, including Gotham Knights, Extrapolations, Ted Lasso, and Agent Elvis.

Career Advice

Location scouting 101: where to shoot your film in Australia

Finding the perfect place to shoot your film in Australia can be a bit of a headache, so we've got…


Conscious casting in the world of voice over acting

While the stage and screen industries are shifting towards a colour-conscious casting culture, the voiceover world is only just catching…


New films coming to streaming in 2023: Netflix, Apple TV+, Stan, Disney+, Prime

From Martin Scorsese's latest film, to LGBTQ animations, an action-packed rom com and yet another Peter Pan flick, the lineup…

Megan Herbert, illustrator, writer, cartoonist and live-drawer
Career Advice

Want to be a scriptwriter? Megan Herbert says: 'just put it out there'

What's the 100-day project? And what if you've been told your artform isn't 'real' work? Meet writer and political cartoonist…

Nicole Chamoun and Thomas Jane in Troppo, on ABC and iview from 27 Feb.

Australian TV drama in 2022: most anticipated

From Heartbreak High on Netflix, to The Twelve on Foxtel, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart on Amazon, and Troppo…

'People aren’t used to seeing Disabled people who are empowered,’ says Ade Djajamihardja. Image: Zahrah Habibullah

Disability project charts ableism in Australia's screen industry

Producer Ade Djajamihardja is determined to 'eliminate the soft bigotry of low expectations' for screen professionals with disabilities.

Collage with plaster antique sculpture of human face in a pop art style. Modern creative concept image with ancient statue head. Zine culture. Contemporary art poster. Funky minimalism. Retro design.

Explainer: what are NFTs and how do they work for films?

Confused? Don't be. NFTs are likely here to stay, not least in the film and TV industry. Let us explain…


Courage, Confidence & Strategy: Sue Maslin's advice for women pursuing leadership

Inspired by Natalie Miller, Sue Maslin says we need more women taking the leap into positions of financial and creative…