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Time Addicts: five questions for director Sam Odlum on his Melbourne film

'We kind of forgot that it has a lot of funny moments too,' says New Zealand director Sam Odlum about…


The Plains director David Easteal isn't interested in labels

David Easteal, director of Australian film The Plains, talks to ScreenHub about making his genre-defying, internationally acclaimed debut.


The Survival of Kindness: interview with editor Isaac Coen Lindsay 

Editing a first feature film would be nerve-racking enough, but when it's a film by one of your idols, even…


The Giants co-director Rachael Antony: 'this is a film about being alive'

Australian environmentalist Bob Brown and trees are intertwined in this urgent, beautiful documentary.


Lucy McKendrick, Fuck Me, Richard: 'Vulnerability can make us desperate'

McKendrick's short is one of 20 to feature at the upcoming SXSW Festival in Texas, and the only one by…


Elvis: sound designer Wayne Pashley on working with Baz Luhrmann

The Oscar-nominated sound designer for Elvis discusses his work with Baz Luhrmann and other directors.


Ivan Sen on sitting in silence with new feature Limbo

This director explains why his black-and-white outback noir, starring Rob Collins and Simon Baker, resisted a score.


Hannah Ngo, Latecomers producer: 'Uplift your people'

The overwhelming worldwide response to Ngo's SBS production Latecomers has been ‘really wonderful’ – but celebrating doesn't come easy.


Meet Tom Murray of the Creative Documentary Research Centre

Macquarie University has established a documentary-focused research centre that aims to boost Australian factual productions.


Want to make short films? Jessica Trueman says: 'preparation is key'

Jessica Trueman already loved acting, but it's the accumulation of skills across all aspects of filmmaking that led to her…

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