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Bake Squad Season 1. Image: Netflix
Opinions & Analysis

Sick of toxic TV? Here are 7 reality shows that don’t rely on the ‘villain edit’

Here are seven reality TV shows that emphasise cooperation and compassion over 'villains' and conflict.

Opinions & Analysis

Netflix’s A Family Affair rejects stories of sexual women as ‘bad mothers’ – but it’s a terrible film.

Starring Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron, A Family Affair fails in its mission to challenge stereotypes about sexual mothers.

The cast of Heartbreak High. Image: Netflix.
Opinions & Analysis

Why Aussie teens watch less local TV in favour of US shows

Some Aussie teens prefer US streaming services over local TV – but why? Should Aussie content quotas be enforced?

My Lady Jane. Image: Prime Video
Opinions & Analysis

What we know about the real 'My Lady Jane', the subject of Prime's new romcom series

Susan Broomhall delves into the life of Lady Jane Grey, the 'nine-day queen,' in Prime Video's new romcom series.

ABC Spicks and Specks
Opinions & Analysis

ABC Comedy: it's banter that rules the roost

Remember the good old days of scripted comedy, sitcoms and sketch shows? Nowadays, it's all just banter, quizzes and talking…

ABC as campfire. Unsplash.
Opinions & Analysis

New ABC chair Kim Williams calls for public broadcaster to be 'national campfire'

In his first speech as chair, Williams outlined his visions and priorities for the ABC and warned against self congratulation.

The End We Start From. Image: Paramount/Apple/Prime
Opinions & Analysis

‘Maternal cli-fi’: the new genre changing up the absent-mother narrative in cinema

How The End We Start From boosted maternal cli-fi, a genre spotlighting mothers in worlds destroyed by natural disasters.

Manny Jacinto as Qimir in The Acolyte. Image: Disney+/Lucasfilm
Opinions & Analysis

What we're watching this week, in cinemas and streaming

From Hundreds of Beavers to The Acolyte and Colin From Accounts S2, here's what Silvi Vann-Wall and Rochelle Siemienowicz are…

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash.
Opinions & Analysis

Don’t feel bad about bingeing TV – humans have binged stories for thousands of years

Bingeing stories is an age-old human behaviour and nothing to feel guilty about, says a historian.

Furiosa looks back at the camera on a road as the sun is setting in a still from Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga by Warner Bros. Pictures.
Opinions & Analysis

Mad Max: Fury Road was a pioneering portrayal of disability. Furiosa is a letdown.

Two professors look at the portrayal of disability in Furiosa, a departure from the groundbreaking Mad Max: Fury Road.

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