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Red, White and Blue: the Roe v Wade short film that's gunning for an Oscar

Australian producer Sara McFarlane and British director Nazrin Choudhury talk about their short film.

Still from Chi Tran’s film, ‘ The Sun Sets and Once Again the Earth is Upright’. Image: Courtesy the artists. Two women with dark long hair sitting near a river bank with their backs facing the viewer. They are leaning on each other.

The Sun Sets and Once Again the Earth is Upright

Writer and filmmaker Chi Tran shares the collaborative process and vision behind her new short film.

Still from short film 'Jia'. Image: Supplied. A white man stands on the left staring off into the distance, while an Asian woman stands beside him, smiling with hair flowing in the wind. They are both seen from the chest up and wearing black jackets.

A director’s secret letter to his mother

Director Vee Shi says his short film 'Jia' is 'a letter to my mother. It encapsulates my deepest love for…

Sweet Juices. Image is of a dark bathroom with orange light coming through a slatted window. A woman of Asian appearance and long dark hair sits on the toilet looking despondent, while a bearded man in a striped apron stands in the bath looking at his phone.

Interview with the creatives behind Sweet Juices

In conversation with Sydney-based co-directors Will Suen and Sejon Im, and their irreverent and rumbustious short film, ‘Sweet Juices’.


The rise of South Australian film festivals

Emerging and diverse filmmakers in SA have more opportunities to show their work with the rise in local film festivals.


SXSW Sydney shorts program announced

With a robust lineup of features already confirmed, SXSW Sydney has now unveiled their spectacular short film program for October.


MIFF Shorts Awards winners announced

Seven outstanding short films have received their share of a cash prize at MIFF's 2023 Shorts Awards.


Aus student film Friends of Mine premiering this weekend at ReelGood

Friends of Mine started life as Andréas Giannopoulos' graduating project at AFTRS, and is now an award-winning short film that…


Four Points Film Project: tips for your first 48 Hour Film Project

The worldwide web-based version of the 48hrFP, Four Points Film Project, is on soon, and we have some great tips…


The Moths Will Eat Them Up: Australia’s short Oscar nomination for 2023?

A slate of wins at some of Australia's major film festivals means The Moths Will Eat Them Up is in…

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