The highest paid actors in Oscar-nominated films … by minute

Who made the most – and least – money per minute of screen time in this year's raft of Oscar-nominated films?

The market analysis website tradingpedia has collated a list of how much money per minute of screen time actors earned for films that featured at this year’s Oscars ceremony. In its report, market analyst Michael Fisher, explains the methodology behind the rankings, with a couple of key caveats:

It is difficult to calculate how much a Hollywood star has earned per minute considering that most actors’ salaries are not made public. This is why we used information from news outlets and publications such as Variety and Showbiz Galore, which provide rough estimations. Note that in many cases, figures for an actor’s reported paycheck are based on nothing but rumours. For some of the entries in these rankings, we made assumptions about stars’ salaries based on the budget of the film.

For the other essential piece of information, the screen time, we looked at two sources, namely the Screen Time Central website and the YouTube channel Screen Time Data.

Oscars 2023: The highest-paid actors ranked by earnings per minute of screen time

In the list, three of the top five highest-paid Oscar nominee actors all come from Irish film, The Banshees of Inisherin, with supporting actor Barry Keoghan supposedly earning $214,200 per minute on screen.

As Stephen A Russell wrote for ScreenHub recently:

Playing their parts with abundant grace, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon and an electric Barry Keoghan bring the necessary heft to this tragicomic dalliance. Each rightfully nominated across the Oscars’ acting categories, there’s a particular pained power in Farrell’s wounded ‘good guy’, with Pádraic’s sudden estrangement from Colm shaking asunder the foundations of a prSceviously unquestioning life that now is rife with doubt.

ScreenHub review of The Banshees of Inisheran.
Image: tradingpedia.

Maybe unsurprisingly, Tom Cruise tops the list for the top-earning actors without an Oscar nomination, with an estimated earning per minute of screen time of $884,900 for his role in the Oscar-nominated Top Gun: Maverick.

Image: tradingpedia.

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The full report is available at tradingpedia.