The Last of Us interview: Henry and Perry actors examine their work

Lamar Johnson and Jeffrey Pierce discuss their creative processes during the filming of The Last of Us, and share their thoughts on some of the show's impactful moments.
The Last of Us HBO Lamar Johnson and Jeffrey Pierce Interview

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us explores a myriad of complex themes and emotions, expanding on ideologies first presented in the video game franchise the series is adapted from, whilst introducing new story arcs and refreshing glimpses into some of the lesser-seen aspects of post-apocalyptic life.

GamesHub spoke with two of the show’s prominent supporting actors Lamar Johnson (Henry), and Jeffrey Pierce (Perry in the HBO adaptation & Tommy in The Last of Us Part I & II) in a roundtable interview. They discussed the themes and character portrayals presented in the HBO series, how they prepared for their roles, and their thoughts on some of the series’ emotionally impactful moments.

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Emily Shiel is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia who is passionate about all things accessibility, mental health and the indie games scene. You can find her on Twitter at @emi_shiel