It’s time to recognise glasses as a real part of your gaming set-up

Glasses make up an important part of your gaming rig.
Pair Eyewear key art - glasses

When you’re tasked with thinking about must-have gaming peripherals and accessories, your mind probably leaps immediately to keyboards, headsets and controllers. But what if there was another crucial accessory staring you in the face? Maybe even right on the end of your nose.

As someone who has to wear glasses in order to game, a good set of frames is equally as important as the rest of my set-up – more-so, perhaps. What’s the use in collecting funky controllers if you’re giving yourself a headache by squinting at the screen? A gaming chair might keep your body comfortable for a few hours of play, but what about your eyes?

Pair Eyewear, a brand you may recognise from its appearance on Shark Tank in 2020, is an eyewear brand that recognises the importance of fully completing your gaming set-up – and with fully customisable top frames that you can swap out whenever you like, there’s more variety than your favourite variety streamer.

How do Pair Eyewear glasses frames work?

Starting with a base frame – available in both adult and children’s sizes – these interchangeable glasses are versatile and designed to allow for aesthetic changes whenever it takes your fancy. According to the website, these base frames “can be made as prescription, non-prescription, readers, sunglasses, progressive lenses and can also include blue-light filtering or light responsive lenses”.

Once you’ve chosen your base, you’re given the opportunity to customise with top frames. Connected via a series of magnets, these swappable plastic frames (as the name suggests) go on top of your base and can be switched out at will. 

With hundreds of potential combinations – including a few exciting licensed collaborations (more on that below!) – this grants you the opportunity to have a frame for every occasion. If you’re the type to align your personality with every new game you play, this allows you to do so aesthetically without sacrificing a whole pair of perfectly good glasses. 

Pair Eyewear Glasses Image
Image: Pair Eyewear

The Star Wars Collection

This week brings the beginning of May, and along with it, one of the most iconic pop culture days of the year. Star Wars Day is upon us, and while some fans may be content simply saying, “May the fourth be with you” to all their friends (or blasting Cantina music at top volume), others may choose to express their fandom in a more overt way.

To celebrate May 4th, Pair Eyewear is currently offering an exciting collection of Star Wars top frames on offer – totalling 17 different ways to celebrate your fandom. Pair’s ethos is “to reward your evolving passions, joys, and daily spirit with eyewear that’s as dynamic as you are,” and given there are few things in this world as passionate as a fan, it feels like a natural fit. 

From Princess Leia and C-3PO to Darth Maul and Stormtroopers, the Star Wars range is expansive enough that everyone can wear their fandom on their face – and with different colours, characters and themes on offer, they’ll elevate your look and make sure you avoid looking like a scruffy-looking nerf-herder.

This also works if you’re going to be working on the day, because while some offices may frown upon a full Chewbacca cosplay, Chewbacca-themed glasses frames are definitely office-approved. Instead of earning a wardrobe citation, you’ll be earning fan points for your commitment to the canon – and at the end of the day, you can comfortably settle down for a spot of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, which just got added to the EA Play List.


Pair Eyewear glasses are currently available in the United States and Canada.