Studio Ghibli won’t promote its new film How Do You Live?

There won't be any trailers for Ghibli's latest animated flick How Do You Live – and given their renown, they may not need one.

Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation powerhouse that brought the world Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, has a new film coming out this year.

But no-one would blame you for not knowing that. So far, the company has prepared no promotional material – aside from one hand-drawn poster – for How Do You Live?, an adaptation of Yoshino Genzaburo’s 1937 story about a boy who comes of age while living with his uncle after the death of his father.

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Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, and filmmaker. They joined ScreenHub as Film Content Lead in 2022. Twitter: @SilviReports