SPIT: David Wenham returns for the Gettin’ Square sequel

Filming for the the sequel to the award-winning 2003 Australian comedy Gettin' Square has begun in Queensland, with a number of returning cast members.

The filming for SPIT, the sequel to the award-winning 2003 Australian comedy Gettin’ Square, has begun in Queensland. As with the original, the story will mostly centre in and around the Gold Coast, with filming also taking place in Toowoomba and Brisbane through to May 2024.  

Written by Gold Coast-based writer and lawyer Christopher Nyst, SPIT brings back the beloved character Johnny (Spit) Spitieri, portrayed by the Australian actor David Wenham. The film is produced by Trish Lake of Queensland-based Freshwater Pictures alongside Greg Duffy, Felicity McVay and David Wenham himself. 

Also returning to the cast are Helen Thomson, David Field, David Roberts and Gary Sweet, with Spit also introducing new characters to be played by Arlo Green, Ayik Daniel Chut Deng, Sam and Teagan Rybka (The Rybka Twins) and Sami Afuni among others.

The film, say the producers, ‘provides audiences with a subtle nod to the iconic legacy of Gettin’ Square, while adding a fresh perspective on contemporary Australia, initiating a conversation about what it means to be Australian today’.  

Jacqui Feeney, Screen Queensland CEO said that the agency is enthusiastic about supporting the project. ‘With Queensland’s vibrant locations and the iconic nature of the original film, SPIT promises to once again captivate audiences with its unique blend of humour and heart.’ 

SPIT continues the story of Johnny Spitieri, who finds himself locked up in an immigration detention centre upon his return to Australia. With old enemies on his tail and a target on his back, Spitieri navigates a series of comedic misadventures, sharing with his fellow detainees the meaning of mateship and what it is to be truly Australian. 

David Wenham said that ‘barely a day goes by when I am not asked about Johnny Spitieri, a character I played more than 20 years ago. Spit was a character that endeared himself to audiences – bad habits, bad haircut and bad fashion aside, he was the quintessential Everyman, a little man doing his best under seemingly impossible circumstances. 

‘With turmoil all around, there has never been a greater need for a laugh. The same creative team behind Gettin’ Square has been working on SPIT for six years. It’s now time to make the film and let SPIT loose.’ 

Queensland producer Trish Lake says that it’s particularly gratifying to be making a film that has such a diverse cast reflecting Australia in the 2020s.  

‘Australia has seen a lot of changes in 22 years, and while SPIT holds onto many of the values of the original movie, it’s definitely a story that resonates with contemporary audiences.  

‘We want to make a new movie that is exciting and that embraces the Gold Coast and Queensland culture, but one that will stand the test of time, just like the original has done.’ 

SPIT received major production investment from Screen Australia with local distribution by Transmission Films and international sales managed by Moviehouse Entertainment. 

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