Ron Howard announced for Queensland’s Screen Forever 38

Ron Howard and producing partner Bill Connor will speak about their careers for the Australian Screen Forever conference.

Academy Award-winning director, actor, and producer Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13) and one of his long-time producing partners Bill Connor (Life of Pi, Thirteen Lives), have just been announced as international guest speakers for SCREEN FOREVER 38.

Both Howard and Connor will participate live from New York with an In Conversation session, moderated by Gold Coast-based Producer and Bazmark’s Managing Director Schuyler Weiss (Elvis, Faraway Downs).

The talk will focus on how their producing partnership came to be, projects they have collaborated on, Australia as a destination for international productions, ever-changing shifts in the global screen industry, and what they see on the horizon for Australian creatives and storytelling.  

Howard in particular will provide rare insights into his 60 year career, from acting in The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, to directing A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Thirteen Lives, Parenthood and Splash.  

Howard’s next film projects include Eden (now shooting in Queensland), and Jim Henson: Idea Man, a documentary about Jim Henson’s life.   

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Howard and Connor are currently in the Gold Coast for the filming of Eden, the second Ron Howard film to be created in Queensland following the release of Thirteen Lives in 2022.

‘After shooting Thirteen Lives in Queensland in 2022, I was incredibly impressed with our crew on the film, as well as with the support of the Australian film community as a whole,’ said Howard. ‘I was thrilled to have the opportunity to come back to shoot Eden. Choosing a location to shoot a film in is of the utmost importance, and Queensland is a premiere international production location, with its creatively adept crews, supportive filming community, and beautiful exterior locations.’

‘It’s exciting to see how Queensland has grown into a leading location for international productions,’ said Connor. ‘From skilled and hard-working crews, to quality facilities and stunning locations, it’s a compelling choice. And the strong support of screen agencies is the icing on the cake. It’s why we came back to shoot Eden and why we look forward to returning in the future.’

Screen Producers Australia recently revealed the full Screen Forever 38 program, which you can find here.

Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, and filmmaker. They joined ScreenHub as Film Content Lead in 2022. Twitter: @SilviReports