Oscars nomination for Adelaide VFX artists

Mr X, a SA Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) studio, has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for its work on Love and Monsters.

Matt Sloan, Genevieve Camilleri, Matt Everitt and Brian Cox of South Australian PDV studio Mr X have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. They received the nomination for their work on 2020 release Love and Monsters. 

Directed by Michael Matthews and starring The Mazerunner’s Dylan O’Brien, Love and Monsters is a 2020 monster adventure release that was filmed in Sydney from March to May 2019. The film follows Joel Dawson (O’Brien) who is separated from his girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick) during an apocalyptic event that causes all cold-blooded creatures to mutate into giant monsters that decimate the human population. In the midst of the monster apocalypse, Joel searches for Aimee as he and the remaining humans struggle to survive against this new existential threat.

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Jini Maxwell is a writer and curator who lives in Naarm. They are an assistant curator at ACMI, where they also host the Women & Non-binary gamers club. They write about videogames and the people who make them. You can find them on Twitter @astroblob