News In Brief – We go in-depth on ‘Fires’, Netflix rankings, and Aussie productions

This week, we had a chat to Tony Ayres about Fires and Clickbait, and Adrian Martin reviews Zola.
fires on abc

On the back of our behind-the-scenes look at the production of Fires and its sustainable production practices last week, regular reviewer Mel Campbell assesses the show itself in her review. According to her Fires review, it’s vividly real, which may be a bit of a double-edged sword, depending on your relationship to the Black Summer fires, or any bushfire for that matter.

Rochelle also had a chat with storied producer Tony Ayres about the genesis of Fires, which begins airing on the ABC this week, as well as a bit about the reception of Clickbait on Netflix, his role in mentoring new Australian production talent, and the state of our local industry. Well worth a read!

In other, purely coincidental coverage of ABC productions, David reports on a presentation the Closer Productions crew gave at the Mercury CX Screenmakers conference, titled ‘Recipe for a Hit Show’. Regarding their series Aftertaste, they go through their pre-production and writing process – stuff that’s always fascinating to hear about. Maybe their process will work for your next breakout success? We can only hope.


Tony Ayres talks ‘Fires’ and talent-spotting
The key Australian producer-creator talks about his latest drama Fires, Clickbait on Netflix, what drives him and worries him about the industry.

Aftertaste, Closer Productions, and the road to a dynamic story
Closer Productions does television development very well. Aftertaste taught them to test the limits of patience in search of excellence.

The death of Ian Dunlop – from outsider to participant in a true ethical journey
Ian Dunlop led a long, energetic life making some of our most important and enduring films. History with a capital H.

Kiwi Jessica Hobbs wins Emmy, pays tribute to her director Mum
Winning for Directing on The Crown, the New Zealander gave a heartfelt speech that’s worth a watch.


Low budget feature opportunity – SA opens round 2 of Film Lab
Round two of Film Lab proves that the SA sector is determined to reactivate its low budget approach to feature teams.

Screen Australia and Instagram announce recipients of First Nations Creator Program
Fifteen First Nations social media stars have been selected for a new training and funding program.


TV Review: ‘Fires’ reignites the humanity behind the devastating Black Summer bushfires
ABC iview’s new six-part anthology series Fires is vividly real, writes Mel Campbell.

Film Review: ‘Zola’ – How to Tell the Story?
Zola is a cautionary glimpse into the prevalence of sex trafficking, wrapped in social media ambience. The result is a mixed blessing, writes Adrian Martin.


What are most respected shows on Netflix? And how come Japan has the most of them?
Clever numbers reveal the most honoured shows on Netflix. Top of the list is Breaking Bad, loved all round the world.

‘La Brea’ – done and dusted, ready for release
From shoot to release in six months flat, La Brea is an exercise in fast-motion production.

Cast announced for Queensland Netflix series ‘Irreverent’
Australian talent for the 10-part fish-out-of-water drama includes Kylie Bracknell, Ed Oxenbould and Wayne Blair.

Box office: Can Dune save us all?
Dune is still a month away and the Franco Cozzo film is only peeping out on six screens.


Activision Blizzard lawsuits: Everything that has happened so far
A running timeline of all the events surrounding the Activision Blizzard lawsuits.

Game Review: Axiom Verge 2 – Engagement is optional
Axiom Verge 2 attempts to create a free-form Metroidvania, but is let down by its lack of variety and incentive to interact with content.

Announcing the participants for Wordplay 2021: A Games Writing Mentorship Program
The six inaugural participants for Wordplay, a games writing mentorship from GamesHub and Creative Victoria.

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