Welcome to your new ScreenHub

The latest iteration of ScreenHub is here; a new website and a new brand

Beginning as a humble blog about the film industry, ScreenHub has evolved to become a nationally respected website celebrating and documenting the Australian screen sector in all its forms.

The latest iteration of ScreenHub launched this morning; a new website and a new brand – just the thing to celebrate as we come up to our 18th year.

Our sister site ArtsHub – dedicated to documenting the world of Australian arts – has also been refreshed.

While there will be some obvious changes, including a cleaner, more user-friendly and easily navigable site, our small team remains committed to championing and interrogating the sector, and where necessary, holding it to account.

‘What won’t change,’ said our CEO Sol Wise, ‘is our commitment to being a world-class screen publishing, media and marketplace business that significantly contributes to developing a dynamic, diverse and prosperous arts industry.’

Our new logos

As you browse our new-look website, you’ll see that we’re still hosting news, features, analysis, opinion pieces and reviews. It’s been designed to be more user-friendly for the many of you who access ScreenHub on your phones and tablets; it’s also been developed in order to host videos more easily.

Here at ScreenHub, we’re dedicated to cultivating curiosity: we want everyone, not just the creatives screen workers who make up the sector, but the broader Australian populace, to seek out and celebrate the creativity, critical thinking, and rigorous work that makes up our screen culture in Australia. We look forward to sharing that journey with you.