The emotional cost of release day

In this excerpt from her longer article, studio and creative director Lucy Morris details the emotional cost of launching Starcolt's debut game, Best Friend Forever.

The following is an excerpt from Lucy Morris’ Medium article, Launch Day: The emotional cost of releasing a game, excerpted and republished with permission. Morris is the studio and creative director for Starcolt, the studio behind the August release, Best Friend Forever. The full article is linked at the bottom of this piece. 

Launching a game is the direct opposite of the heady thrill of pre-production. When the concept is likely only known to you, your team (if you have one), and investors (if you have them), anything seems possible, and it’s easy to get lost in the warm bubble of creation, ideation and expression. This is probably why pre-production remains my favourite part of the development cycle — it’s safe. It feels welcoming and comforting, where failure and mistakes are accepted and experimentation is expected.

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Lucy Morris
About the Author
Studio & Creative Director at Starcolt. Develop/MCV 30 Under 30. Loves radial menus.
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