Living for the Dead on Disney+ – need to know

Meet the five queer ghost hunters on a mission to infuse the world's most haunted locations with a bit of pizzazz.

What’s Living for the Dead?

A new series in which five queer ghost hunters crisscross the US, helping the living by healing the dead; as they explore some of the world’s most infamous haunted locations, they shed light on those not seen and illuminate untold stories.

Who are the ghost hunters in Living for the Dead?

Alexandrè LeMay (Tech Expert), Roz Hernandez (Paranormal Researcher), Ken Boggle (Tarot Card Reader), Juju Bae (Resident Witch) and Logan Taylor (Psychic)

It sounds a bit like Queer Eye but with ghosts.

Yep, it’s from the creators of Queer Eye, Scout Productions.

Show me the Living for the Dead trailer


What’s Kristin Stewart’s role in Living for the Dead?

Kirstin Stewart is Executive Producer. She was reported in People Magazine recently saying:

It’s so cool and enlivening that me and my best friend CJ Romero had this funny idea and now it’s a show. It started as a bit of a hypothetical silly pipe dream and now I am so proud to have shepherded something that is as moving and meaningful as it is truly a gay old time.

This is just the beginning for us and for Living For The Dead. We wanna one day have traipsed across the entire spooky ass country. Maybe the world!

>People Magazine

How many episodes are there in Season 1?


Do say

‘Why be normal when you can be paranormal’

Don’t say

It’s all fun and games till someone gets possessed.’

When and where can I watch Living for the Dead?

Living for the Dead premieres on Disney+ on 18 October.

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