In loving memory of the wonderful Jenny Barty

ABC Production Manager Jenny Barty died suddenly, so close to retirement, leaving us to realise just how much she is loved.

[This obituary was originally published Thursday 6 July 2017, but has been updated on Tuesday 20 April 2021. The article remains one of our most-read stories on Screenhub nearly four years after publication. We can only imagine this is due to the continuing fond memories of Jenny Barty, and also to the fact that the last season of the television series Glitch included the words ‘in loving memory of Jenny Barty’ in the credit sequence.] The death of Jenny Barty touched many people deeply. I asked some of her colleagues to contribute memories, and reached into a well of love and respect. Their stories also turned out to be a history of the film and TV industries across a whole generation.  It seems that Production Manager Barbi Taylor started Jenny’s career in the industry around 1974, by introducing her to Antony I. Ginnane, who needed a PA and production secretary for his new production company, FG Films Productions. She was with the company for the next ten years.  He provided a note for her memorial celebration in Melbourne on July 3rd which was read by Helen Watts.

I can still remember Jenny walking up the stairs at Ferrars St and coming into the office.  We chatted and I hired her and she worked with us from 1975 – 1985.

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