ABC iview: new shows streaming this week

Your guide to new shows and films to stream on ABC iview from 1 to 7 July 2024.
Speechless. Image: ABC.

New to ABC iview

Speechless – Season 3 (1 July)

Series. Maya DiMeo is a mum who will do anything for her family and her son JJ, who has cerebral palsy. Grappling with her children growing up and JJ soon going to college, Maya finds herself with a lot more time on her hands.

Grand Designs: The Streets – Season 3 (4 July)

Series. Returning to the innovative new communities in Graven Hill and Glasgow as well as a brand-new site in York, Kevin McCloud and Natasha Huq follow new residents adding their self-built dream homes into the mix.

Troppo – Season 2 (5 July)

Troppo – Series 2. Image: Abc.
Troppo – Series 2. Image: ABC.

Series. Six months on, Ted and Amanda investigate a bizarre local murder and an exotic drug ring. Amanda tangles with an old enemy and a new love, and Ted’s past stalks him and his family. Starring Thomas Jane and Nicole Chamoun.

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Love Your Garden – Season 10 (5 July)

Alan Titchmarsh and his team of horticulture experts transform the outdoor spaces of some very special people who are struggling to build their dream garden.

NAIDOC Awards 2024 (6 July)

Hosted by Narelda Jacobs, Rob Collins and Steph Tisdell, the National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony will be telecast live from Kaurna Adelaide.

The Last Daughter (6 July)

After being raised by a white family, a young girl is taken away and returned to the Aboriginal family she didn’t know. Decades later, she’s on a journey to discover where she truly belongs.

Recently added to ABC iview

Megafauna: What killed Australia’s Giants? (25 June)

Two-part documentary series narrated by Hugh Jackman. Australia was once home to a group of extraordinary animals known as Megafauna. These giants lived here for millions of years, but in a blink of time, they disappeared. So what became of them? Among them Thylacoleo, a marsupial lion armed with bone crushing teeth, the world’s largest land-based venomous lizard, Megalania and Procoptodon, a short-faced kangaroo that may have been too massive to hop. They are brought to life in this series with the most scientifically accurate representations ever created for TV.

Classic 100 Live Symphony Gala (Saturday, 29 June, 7.30pm)

ABC’s annual Classic 100 countdown comes to life with a spectacular highlights concert, celebrating the music that makes us feel good, performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Hosted by ABC’s Megan Burslem and Jeremy Fernandez.

Stuff the British Stole – Series 2 (17 June)

Eight-part documentary series. The British Empire looted thousands of artefacts that now live in museums and galleries. Marc Fennell takes you on a global adventure to unravel the true histories of how they got there.

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Monday’s Experts – Series 1

Hosted by Tony Armstrong with Catherine Murphy, Monday’s Experts is a new sports entertainment show covering all that happens both on and off the field each week.

The Art Of …

New arts and culture show with an epic mission: to answer life’s big questions through art. Hosted by Namilla Benson.

Spicks and Specks, Series 11

The old favourite musical quiz show returns for an eleventh season with brand new segments, the return of the secret song, fantastic live music, as well as all your old favourite games. with Hosts Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough.

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