Travelling light: A solo shooter’s gear guide

Filmmaker Markus Stone looks at how to film without a crew by assembling a mobile travel kit of cameras, lights and sound equipment.

There’s something strangely fitting about writing this from seat 21C of a 737 at 40,000 feet. You’ll notice the seat number is not in the hallowed sub-12 row numbers and with good reason. Filmmakers travelling Business Class have crews, whereas solo shooters are the crew, typically doing low budget documentary or corporate work.

Shooting solo is all about being lean and efficient like a cheetah. There is always the temptation to take every piece of gear ‘just in case’, but taking more than you can carry inevitably means leaving equipment unattended during transfers. And after dragging heavy cases along never-ending airport concourses, you’ll feel more like a knuckle-scraping orangutan than a cheetah.

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Markus Stone
About the Author
Markus Stone is a filmmaker who has worked as Head of Department on features, television and documentary. Having done everything from writing, directing, editing, stereography and composing, he currently spends most of his time trying to do them all at once.