SBS On Demand: new shows streaming July 2024

From Hudson & Rex to Plat du Tour – your guide to the best new shows to stream on SBS on Demand in July 2024.
Hudson & Rex. Image: SBS.

Your guide to the best new shows to stream on SBS On Demand this month.

30 June

Plat du Tour – Season 5

Top chef Guillaume Brahimi takes us back to the wonders of French and Italian cuisine, with the Tour de France as both backdrop and inspiration. As always, expect some delicious dishes made from local produce, some words with local artisans and the breathtaking backdrop of Le Tour.

Plat du Tour – Season 5 premieres Sunday 30 June on SBS On Demand with new episodes daily. Episodes air on SBS Food weekly on Thursday 18 July and 25 July at 8:30PM. Seasons 1-4 are now streaming.

3 July

Under the Banner of Heaven – Season 1

Series. Latter-day Saint police detective Jeb Pyre has his faith challenged when he has to investigate a brutal mother-and-daughter murder linked to his church. Based on Jon Krakauer’s 2003 non-fiction book of the same name. Starring Andrew Garfield.

6 July

Hudson & Rex – Seasons 3-6

Series. Former K9 dog Rex and detective Hudson are bark/ back to tackle more crimes. As per always, the duo will sink their teeth into the toughest of crimes.

8 July

Little J & Big Cuz – Season 4

Series. Five-year-old Little J and his ten-year old cousin Big Cuz are back to learn some more about culture, community and country. Living with Nanna and Old Dog, they continue to explore Saltwater, Desert and Freshwater Country, exploring what it means to be an Indigenous Australian. Starring Miranda Tapsell and Deborah Mailman.

9 July

Couples Therapy – Season 4a

Series. Therapist Orna Guralnik is back to guide four couples through the 20-week therapy program.

11 July

The Palace – Season 1

Series. It’s 1988 and the German Democratic Republic is in cruise mode. As the 40th anniversary of the Republic nears, the Friedrichstadt-Palast dancers have their minds trained on one thing only: their spectacular Jubilee show.

18 July

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – S1-4

On the face of it, Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel has a wonderful life – until her comedian husband blames her for him tanking on stage. He leaves, she grieves and her life starts to come apart at the seams. That is, until …

Spies of Terror – Season 1

Series. Exploring the aftermath of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, 2015, this spy thriller follows members of the Directorate-General for Internal Security (DGSI) and the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) as they do their best to hunt down the perpetrators. Based on the 2018 book Les Espions de la Terreur by Matthieu Suc.

22 July

Dinosaur – Season 1

Series. A heartwarming Scottish drama, set in Glasgow. Nina’s life goes into a tailspin when she learns her sister and best friend is getting married to a man she’s known for a matter of weeks. What comes next would be hard for anyone, let alone someone facing their own personal challenges and becoming entangled in a new potential romance. Starring Ashley Storrie.

24 July

D.I. Ray

Series. Detective Inspector Rachita Ray comes back to homicide a couple of months after suspension to investigate a fatal double shooting. The victims? Frank Chapman, the head of an infamous crime family and a local nurse caught in the crossfire. Will D.I. Ray get to the heart of the matter before further violence breaks out on Birmingham’s streets? Let’s hope so …

29 July

We’re All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel) – Season 2

Series. Super-volcanoes? Alien attack? Nuclear disaster? Jay Baruchel takes a look at numerous ways our planet could meet its end, chewing over a shortlist of potential catastrophes with death, doom and conspiracy experts.

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