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Company Announcements

Channel Ten: management chess

Network Ten is redeploying managers around the country.

Company Announcements

TVC: Aardman to Animal Logic

Adding to the competition, Animal Logic welcomes Victoria Taplin to the role of Producer with the Television Commercials department.


Coonan survey: do you think we were surprised?

Last week we sent out 'The Great Coonan Discussion Paper Survey' our first patented, self designed survey. We are shocked…

Company Announcements

Film Victoria: Commercial script Development Scheme announcement

Film Victoria has announced it will provide an advance to three Victorian production companies to develop their slate of commercially…

Company Announcements

ABC: journalist headed to Oxford

Karen Percy, winner of the ABC Scholarship to the Reuter Foundation in Oxford, will focus on Islam and the media.

Company Announcements

AFC: Bob Maza Fellowship

The Australian Film Commission (AFC) is calling for applications from established Indigenous actors working professionally in the film, television and/or…

Company Announcements

SPAA: new board member

Known as diligent and outspoken, Melanie Coombs of Melodrama Pictures has been appointed to the Board of SPAA as a…

Company Announcements

SPAA seminar: 'with the minimum of anguish'

The Termination of Employment seminar on 'Dealing with Cast and Crew and Managing the Process and Outcome' to be run…

Company Announcements

NSW FTO: congratulates 2006 program participants, gives official cheesy grin

In a bumper crop of happy faces, the

Company Announcements

AFC: new appointment

Is this a shock announcement? Is this some unknown brought in from banking to impose some order on this disgracefully…

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