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The Zone of Interest: new Holocaust film powerfully lays bare the mechanisms of genocide

The Zone of Interest uses alienation from its central horror to make it one of the most unsettling holocaust films…


‘Analog uncanny’: how this weird and experimental side of TikTok is forging the future of horror

Come take a look at how TikTok cultivated a hive of creative energy at the intersection of art and horror.


Five Blind Dates: new Australian rom-com is a joyful comfort watch

The Chinese Australian characters shine in this refreshing film about soulmates (and near-misses) set in Sydney.

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Godzilla Minus One offers an insight into the complexity of Japan’s war memories

The human cost of war is the real villain of the Oscar nominated Godzilla Minus One,


The Color Purple is a joyful exploration of black womanhood in the deep south

The new adaptation of Alice Walker's novel shows characters finding community despite the harsh realities surrounding them.


How method acting could empower women

Natalie Portman says method acting is a ‘luxury women can’t afford’ – but new research shows how it can empower…


How can I use Mickey Mouse, now that he's in the public domain?

The first ever iteration of Mickey Mouse is now in the public domain – but what does that actually mean?

Priscilla. Image: A24.

Priscilla by Sofia Coppola is a bold feminist take on Elvis’ dark fairytale marriage

Graceland emerges as less of a palace and more of a gilded cage in Coppola's biopic of Priscilla Presley.

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Why are Aussie Christmas films so bad?

Telemovies have dominated Christmas movies for 50 years – so why are the Aussie straight-to-streaming ones this bad?


Maestro: who was Leonard Bernstein, the man at the centre of Bradley Cooper's new biopic?

Maestro is out on Netflix with Cooper at the conducter's podium – but who was the real Leonard Bernstein?

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