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The Gentlemen on Netflix: why do ‘gentlemen’ still fascinate us?

Guy Ritchie's latest crime series draws on a powerful male archetype. Psychology explains how it works.

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Disney+: Shōgun reimagines 1980 series for a new generation of viewers

From novel to 1980s miniseries, and now a prestige remake for FX and Disney+, Shōgun has had quite the journey.

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Why Australians love going to the cinema

'I love the cinema experience. It’s a bonding experience, if it’s good it’s an emotional and cathartic experience.'


Dune: is Denis Villeneuve’s film a white saviour narrative?

It’s tempting to consider Dune’s narrative, settings and costume design as an appropriation of Islamic and Arab culture.

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Studying two decades of queer representation on Australian TV

Gender-diverse and sexually-diverse stories in Australian TV have changed a lot over two decades.

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Four Daughters is a Tunisian masterpiece – what makes the film groundbreaking?

Delve into the story behind Four Daughters – a critically lauded documentary about a family versus an extremist group.


Dune Part Two: how Hans Zimmer created the dramatic soundtrack

The ins and outs of Hans Zimmer's soundscapes in Dune: Part Two.


2024 Oscars: Best Documentary nominees

From 20 Days in Mariupol to The Eternal Memory – your guide to the nominees for Best Documentary at the…

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Anatomy of a Fall is a critique of anti-feminist backlash

With sexism on the rise in France, Anatomy of a Fall examines the role of motherhood and domestic labour in…


Netflix doco shows Alexander the Great as queer – what does history say?

Alexander the Great: The Making of a God has sparked controversy from those who claim the show is pushing an…

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