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Box Office 20 March 2017 - beyond Lion, the small Australian films march on

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David Tiley

Lion is over $160m around the world. But local audiences can now watch The Family, the Death and Life of Otto Bloom and David Stratton.
Box Office 20 March 2017 - beyond Lion, the small Australian films march on

Image; Lovely frame from cinematographer László Baranyai  in The Death and Life of Otto Bloom. 

Let's do the Lion ritual first. At number five, after nine weeks, still on 252 screens down twenty, weekend box office down from $670,000 to $553,000, and now at $2195/screen, it has now made $28,605,539 in local box office. 

This is an end run, which means it won't make $30m, unless... Transmission is about to reboot it with the director's cut. That is truly extraordinary. Also surprising is the opinion around the traps that the film can't possibly do the business it has done unless people are GOING TO SEE IT MORE THAN ONCE. Even though it is not a comedy, or a sex romp or a rom-com or full of explosions. 

It has now taken $64,83m in north America, which is an accurate number. The other international numbers trickling in include $17.14m from the UK, $8.757m from France and $5.617m from Italy.

So the total figure is now over $94.141m plus $65,07m from the US which adds up to $159.21m. Which is definitely over $160m. The figure is now inching up - it was $156m+ last week, and the US number is only up by $1m on last week.

In other local news..

The Family slides along, with a total of $127,000 including previews in four weeks. It will move around, is on four cinemas at $1274 so grab it when it comes past. You will not be disappointed. 

David Stratton has been quiet. $70,000 in two weeks though he worked hard on previews. Lost five cinemas, is making $391/cinema though it looks beautiful on the big screen. 

The Death and Life of Otto Blum began quietly last weekend on three screens for Bonsai Films, and made $3826 at $1275/screen. It is currently on at the Nova in Melbourne, the Dendy Newtown in Sydney and the Dendy in Canberra. Other states will follow. 

it opened at MIFF last year; it is not a mainstream narrative film nor even a conventional arthouse picture. Instead, it is a joyful experiment in narrative and cinematic look which commands the attention of the screen community on its own terms. 



 And internationally... 

The Salesman by Asghar Fahardi has joined the Oscar pictures in the cinemas. Two weeks out on 26 screens, for $235,106 including previews. It has a modest $1982/screen but spread last week. 

The Eagle Huntress will do well, with Mongolia plus girlchild plus Holey Moley that bird is beautiful! will help it along. 23 screens, $131,000 at box office, and $4145/screen. Will Sony flog it properly? I bet it isn't getting trailer play in the cinemas. 

There is one small problem. It may not be um.. entirely accurate. Women have been hunting with eagles for at least 1500 years. 

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David Tiley is the editor of Screen Hub.